Friday, April 20, 2012

Pimp my rhino

     I finished the preshading on the transports. Now they are ready for some brush action. I was thinking of all the weathering I need to do and it occurred to me that rain is not a common thing on Nocturne. So now I'm thinking I would have to do some heat corrosion from the lava and great temperatures. For the life of mine I couldn't think of a way how to paint such a thing. So I went straight to Google, uncle Google knows all. I found some notes of  what high temperature corrosion really is and what it looks like. It's this first picture, after seeing this I thought that it wouldn't look nice on the vehicle.

    The final conclusion is that I will just go with ordinary scratches and dirty, ash-grey stains because it always looks quite well.



  1. This is great, I'd love to know what colours you used through your airbrush.


    rev (tale of painters)

  2. Chaos black, skull white and moot green.