Monday, April 23, 2012

Bearers of The Flame

     Another five guys done. I'm getting there. I didn't paint any flames on the legs because I want to have a difference between both squads. Also I did a freehand on the flamer's head. There is no way that you won't notice where the special weapon in your squad is. I'm quite happy with the flames on his face. The Sergeant wasn't forgotten as well and he has some lizard scales painted on his Power Fist. Another five guys and I'm done with the tacticals. After that I'll get my hands on scouts or transports. How do you like them ? ^^



  1. Love the flames painted on the face mask of the flamer marine!

  2. Yeah, those flames on the helmet rock, very distinctive.

  3. Very nice work; I have always enjoyed seeing Salamanders when done well and these are done well. :)