Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hello it's been a while...
     There were some things happening and I left you all without any updates. But now , now all is going to change. I'm going to do more things and I'll do them faster, more efficient, more often and the most important MORE AWESOME !!! This is why you are coming here, you want to see some awesome stuff. Well I will tell you shit just got real!.

     From now I'm launching project ONE MONTH CHALLENGE!!! I'll make a list of projects that I will hope to complete all in just one month or what's left of it. Until April ends I will have completed
  1. Green as a Lizard Project: A starter army of Space Marines Salamander chapter with custom-made Vulkan, Lava bases, and all awesome stuff.
  2. "Which page massster.." Project: I will finish The necromancer Project that I've started in February.
  3. Asdrubael Vect Conversion :  Dark Eldar special character commission for a client from miniwargaming!
  4. New Empire release: I will paint 2 chosen by me Empire sets for eBay!
  5. Daemon prince of Tzeentch : This one is going to be a surprise for all of you. I'm going to use a special type of painting technique that I will need to develop first.
  6.Isabela Van Carstein: If all goes well I will have another commission to paint Isabela Van Carstein.
   7. Cast one of my sculpts! This one is most important for me.

     The first position will be the biggest to get done so I can't waste any time. Step one get the materials. Most of them I already have. I need to pick up some more SM's and Scouts. For Nocturne homeworld of Vulkan and the salamander chapter I need lava bases ... checked. Here they are:

 Goal for tomorrow is to paint the bases and get all the bits and models for project No. 1. Wish me luck!



  1. Curious as to how you will do up the bases.. am in the process of doing them myself, and always on the look out for different techniques. My style can be seen here - - but as stated.. looking forward to seeing how you do them and how they turn out :)

  2. This is how we roll...