Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Volcanic Mountain Scouts

     Through the volcanic mountains and lava-filled rivers they travel to seek any danger that can come to harm their beloved people of Nocturne. It's a broad and dangerous waste land that doesn't forgive mistakes. That's why only the most tough and resistant space marines can belong to Scout Squads. Their duties don't end on simple reconnaissance missions. They also specialize in setting ambushes and traps for advancing enemy troops. Using the perfect knowledge of their home world to their advantage.

     Taking this into acount I decided to convert original scouts to make them look more fierce. Using some space wolves and chaos maruders bits I think I accomplished just that. Need to make some final tweaking and off to painting.

      Also guys, I picked up Isabella Von Carstein from my local miniature shop so you will be seeing a lot of Isabella from now on.
And they never saw her again...
Just kidding, that's a HIMYM reference. I will be painting her in next few day so keep your eyes open.



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