Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dragon's flu

      Hey, not much today but got Isabella ready for primming and I also did some sculpting on the rhino. Can't wait to paint these two things ^^. I'll get to it probably tomorrow.

     For Isabella I switched her dagger for a short sword and I added four tormented souls summoned by our Lady of the Night. My client has his army themed mostly around ethereal creatures so I wanted to give her an aspect of that as well.

     As for the rhino I decorated side doors with one of the salamander chapter's symbol. It turned out quite nice in comparison to the original. The bigger pair of horns is a bit too big but I think it's OK. Certainly, you won't mistake it for a chaos symbol or anything else. At this point the symbol looks like a Dragon's head with a bad case of flu xD. I'll do a comparison photo when I finish painting the symbol.



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