Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Marines

      Hello there. More progress on th salamander project. Two tactical squads almost done, just need to get some Power Fists and I'll have them ready for painting. The first group is meant to travel in a razorback with the Forgefather. They have a Flamer, Sergeant with a PF and three tactical marines which makes a total of six guys. The second squad is a group of ten men. They travel in a rhino, the one you saw before. They also have a Sergeant with a PF, a flame thrower and a missile-launcher.

      I leave you with a WIP of a Sergeant from the scout squad. I equipped him with a combi-melta gun and ofc yet another PF. Did anyone noticed where I'm going to get all those Fists ? ;p


    Okey Happy Easter everyone I wish you a good relaxing time spent with your loved ones and family. Till Tuesday.



  1. I wish I wasn't already playing Dark Angels ;)

  2. Love the cape on the scout!