Monday, October 29, 2012

Speed Painting

     On the 27th there was a speed painting competition in my home town hobby center. It was organized mainly by Arbal from Coloured Dust with help of Grajfer, Minion Studio, Twierdza Toruń and me! The goal of the competition was to paint a Sea Guard High Elf in 2 hours. There were three different awards. There was the Master Award chosen by the jury which was Arbal and me. There was the Painters' Choice Award. Every contestant could choose two models he liked the most anonymously. The one with the most votes wins. And there was a Special Award chosen by a sponsor.

    There were a total of eleven contestants. For the Painters' Choice they chose Tomasz Cyrek aka RatChatcherPL. He went with a bit different approach and painted the Sea Guard in more of a Dark Elf style I would say. Plus his execution was really smooth. I think we have a growing talent here in Toruń.

The special award went to Michał Jędrzejewski, his painting was really good. He came for this competition specially from Włocławek. He didn't leave disappointed. We hope to see him again on the next edition!

     The Main Prize went to Tomasz Cyrek. Yes the jury chose the same guy that the contestants chose. He was really happy with his result and I must say he earned it. So start training your skills today, may be you will win the next edition!

    It was a really fun and pleasant event. What mini should we give to the contestants for the next edition?

Feed your Imagination,


  1. I confirm! It was a really fun event, and once again thanks for your help Brovatar!

  2. Yeah, it was cool event :) I hope that I can take a part in next edition.
    Thanks for photos, cool trophy and fun :)